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Essential Eligibility Criteria

Our highest priority is providing a safe and positive experience to all participants. In order to create a safe and positive environment that fosters success, all participants must be able to perform the following functions outlined below. If the participant has a special condition that would prevent him/her from meeting the Essential Eligibility Criteria of the program/trip/event, we may not be able to make accommodations for the participant. 
The Essential Eligibility Criteria are the following: 
• Understand and follow the directions of staff. 
• Communicate needs and concerns to staff. 
• Identify and avoid health and safety risks. 
• Assume responsibility for personal care independently, such as feeding or dressing oneself (if applicable), or using the restroom. 
• Refrain from abusive behaviors, physical or verbal, toward self and others. 
• Function effectively as part of a group and work together with others. 
• Participate in varied environments, sometimes with transitions, both indoors/outdoors; in cold/hot temperatures. 
• Manage personal mobility and distances independently at the program/trip/event site. 
• Carry weight of personal belongings as applicable (lunch, towel, water bottle) in a backpack. 
• Participate fully in the outlined activities in the program/trip/event description.